Thai massage

thai massage


Back neck and shoulders massage 

A neck and shoulder massage is primarily done to relieve the tension and stress around the neck and shoulder area.
This treatment works on the tension areas, helping to relieve back and neck pain and tense shoulders, leaving you with a deep relaxation feeling.
Back neck and shoulders massage is to help you to relieve muscle pain from your upper and lower back with strong strokes and deep pressure by using palms, elbows and arms. Recommended for people involved in strenuous activities.


Thai foot massage

Thai foot massage is called reflexology for healing and complete relaxation. Reflexology is a pressure treatment for the feet that involves applying focused pressure to certain known „reflex” points located in the foot. Each of these points correspond on a physical level to certain other areas in the body, thus contributing to overall health and wellbeing.
Thai Foot Massage help you to improved blood circulation and improved lymphatic drainage. Thai Foot Massage relieves tension and reduce insomnia.

Thai oil massage

Oil massage (aromatherapy massage), in contrast to the traditional Thai massage.
The legs, feet, back, and arms are worked out one at a time, acupressure massage is performed on the face and ears.
Aroma oils are used to help normalize a person’s mental state.
Essential or aromatic oils have been known since ancient times.
The main objective of this procedure is to produce a relaxing, soothing and regenerating effect.


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